31 August 2009


It's been awhile since ive dated anyone and im still not sure what im doing but i must say that im happy to have found someone as good as my girlfriend.

I had the headache from hell, I havent really been sleeping well, im sexually deprived [to an extent; my baby knows the truth on that..lol], ive been working everyday since Wednesday of last week with no day off- shit has been crazy..I was almost in tears at work and she decided to cheer me up, that she'd send me some flowers. Of course, I cried..like a bitch..but oh well..she's my baby and im blessed to have her. Thank you baby..your love is greatly appreciated..[smiles] and i love you too.

30 August 2009


she's really gay and she loves me and wants to do "pornographic" things to me
..and I love that..and I love her..

that is all.

28 August 2009

7 days -

7 days until my sun sets and her moon rises
or possibly they'll both sit in the same sky
smiling on opposite sides of the horizon

7 days until my love ends and hers begins
or maybe it'll be the birthplace of a newer
love..a love that is ours

7 days until my heart returns to my body
the air to my lungs and the blood to my

7 days until I return to her
she to me
and us to we

24 August 2009

Just a simple thought..

over the years, I can say that ive done my share of shady things to the women that ive dated. some of them ive loved and others have just lingered around.. Ive really wondered if my karma has completely come for the way ive treated some of my ex's..part of me feels as though its already come in many different forms but part of me also feels like there's still some to come. I just hope and pray that it doesnt come in the form of my current situation with the woman that im dating. just a simple thought.