16 December 2009

Maybe..just maybe..

you can no longer find words to describe the emotions that run through your head
a place where love once lived no longer exist
you harden yourself as a whole
refusing to let anyone in but some kind of way
one person slips through the cracks
cracks that you failed to realize where there
and they make you warm again

or so you think..

you do everything in your power to test how thin they will stretch
give them pieces of you but never you in entirety
and you wonder why they take what they can get
you can see the hurt in their eyes
but part of you doesnt care
so you continue treating them the way you do

and then you see..

maybe sharing your feelings instead of hiding them away
screaming when youre angry
crying when your heart is drowning in sadness
smile when the sun shines bright
maybe..just maybe..it cant be all that bad