05 October 2009

slow but sure -

I want to say that the last time I cried was possibly about one week ago..
which is pretty good for me..considering how much ive been crying lately
and I must say that slowly but surely, im regainning(sp) what I lost before--
my sense of self-worth. I almost forgot who I was but im happy that I have
people such as my sisters, my brother, and my Pooh to help me along. Noone
deserves certain things to happen to them-karma based or not- and even my
bigbrother told me that I deserve better..so im finally taking everyone's advice
and im going to love me more than anyone else ever has. Im happier now, I sleep
easier, I dont think of her as much, and im noticing that the people around me that I
didnt give the time to before are VERY MUCH interested now; im not looking for
another random ass relationship but friendships are always a good thing. I guess
what im saying is this - you had a hold on me and in the worst way. there are still days
where all I can do is sit back and wonder if there was anything that I couldve done differently
but those will be the days when I smile because even though I am NOT a perfect woman,
I know that Im a GOOD WOMAN and thats all that matters.

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