09 October 2009

Its a brand new day --

and some people are STILL walking around being whores. lol.

okay, so maybe I shouldnt have said that but I couldnt think
of anything else to write; sad though because I really wanted
to blog about something productive today. umm let's see if i can
come up with something. excuse my random rambling:

- i love our new apartment;
kerra come visit! you cant be tardy for the party! lol

- things at work are looking up;
got a mini promo = more hours

- im single;
now ask me about 2 weeks ago how i was feeling and i probably wouldve cried
dead in your face and played "I cant wait to hate you" by the dream. lol. but im
good. i have a great support system to lean on so im definitely not complaining.

- my family members are rude;
Kerra, Fury, Fatal, India, Sincere and Free ..yall know what im talking about.
youre fucking rude. lmfaoo. ilyall

- mr. officer;
people are already trying to find out who you are. damn, niggas cant live can they?
lmfao. i just wanted to thank you..i know youre probably asking "for what". for letting
me vent to you and for being my shoulder to cry on. youre the "sweetest thing ive ever
known.." and im glad that i can trust myself with you. i guess there are SOME good
women left in the world.

- sangriasy;
bigbrother syyyyy! im talking to you now on yim! woot woot for the peach sangri --
lmfao. cant be tardy for THAT party; we were completely absent. theend. lol. ily.

umm..i think im finished for now. im in a really good mood and since i cant exactly
write what i want to write right now, im just going to end my blog on this note

---> "you mustve had a HARD life.." lmfaooo. [inny]


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