11 October 2009

the picture says it all --

this picture is hella old and those that know me and have watched me grow over the past few years will know that. i figured id bring it back, atleast just on here..and for perfect reason.
Im disappointed in you; yes you --you should know who you are. over the past few weeks ive heard so many nasty rotten things about you.. [lol @ me saying "nasty rotten"..clearly the kid in me was typing that] and I cannot believe that of all people you chose to pull the wool over their eyes, you chose me. I find it funny that people never think that i'll find out the things that I do and when I find out; simply because I never speak on them. Im an activist as well as an observer; while people gossip about the people that theyve dated or dealt with or anything in between for that matter-- i sit back and relax. im one to enjoy the show and trust that i dont talk ..not even during the previews. lol. Ive said my share of things, done my share of things to people..but you.. you took the cake..so eat it up because the icing that youre licking off of your fingers is called Karma -- you let me know how good it tastes when it finally hits you.

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