18 November 2009

i apologize -

To you-

where do i begin? we've known each other for some years now. dated briefly and now have no ties what so ever. i know that im to blame for our current situation and thats why im writing this; in hopes that maybe one day you'll read this and hopefully forgive me. you see, noone is
perfect and im still young. im aware that i was extremely selfish for the things that i did; only
thinking of myself and barely thinking of your heart and how you would feel. you loved me in
ways that i could never love myself and thats what scared me..well part of it. i believe that
something in me loved you more than anyone that ive ever loved but i could never love you
the same way you loved me. you loved me too strongly..too much..too hard..and i still to this
day, i dont know why you felt the way you did about me.

i miss the little things. us taking random trips to wherever we wanted to go..the inside jokes..
the way you'd look at me..how when i was sick, you'd take care of me until you started getting
sick yourself..any blind person could see that you were damn perfect and here i was taking
advantage of your love for me. i refuse to say that i never loved you ..simply because i know
that that would be a lie..i did love you..part of me still does..but I guess i just wanted to let you
know this..

im not trying to get back in your good graces because im pretty sure that youre fine without me
in your life but simply that i recognize that i was and have been wrong. i apologize. and hopefully
one day, we'll be able to be friends.


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