26 October 2009

"doing the right thing.."

"Im just out here..Rick Ross'n it..doing the right thing and
not lovin these hoes.."
-Riley from the Boondocks

So as the days go by, I find it easier to say what I need to say
to get my point across when it comes to relationships. All and all,
im not beat for them. I remember the feeling that took over me
when I got into my last one and I honestly dont think that I want
that feeling again..atleast not now..hell..not anytime soon. I feel bad
for anyone that wants to pursue me currently; there's 2 people in
particular that I converse with on the regular and I know for a fact
that theyre interested but as far as me wanting to start anything serious
with either one of them, it wont happen. I refuse to trust anyone with that
part of me again because my trust in people when it comes to my heart
is very slim. Im no longer bitter..now Im just very cautious.. yea.. cautious
- I think I prefer that. So i'll continue to kick it with these random ass girls
because thats all they'll ever get from me and i'll keep doing the right thing and
not lovin these hoes.

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